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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Three years on, no ‘Disha’ meet held in Gurdaspur

Three years on, no ‘Disha’ meet held in Gurdaspur

Ravi Dhaliwal

Tribune News Service

Gurdaspur, July 9

The District Vigilance and Monitoring Committee (DVMC), a watchdog to oversee the money being spent on Central government-sponsored projects, has been reduced to an exercise in futility because of the “incoherent political set up” on which it is based.

The DVMC, rechristened as ‘Disha’ by the Union Government, has not held its meeting for the last three years. According to rules, the proceedings, which are presided over by the incumbent MP, should be held four times a year.

The last meeting took place on October 13, 2016, when Vinod Khanna was MP. His successor Sunil Jakhar did not chair even a single meeting. This means that for quite some time now there has been no supervision of crores of rupees sanctioned for various schemes.

These meetings review the progress of 28 Centre-sponsored projects. All the sitting legislators of the constituency, irrespective of their political affiliations, have to be present. Zila Parishad members, too, have to be in attendance.

Here lies the political incongruity. MLAs belonging to parties other than the one represented by the sitting MP never show up. Zila Parishad members, too, who are on the wrong side of the MP, do not turn up.

The situation is particularly bizarre in this parliamentary seat. Deol belongs to the BJP while seven of the total nine MLAs in this constituency are from the Congress. All 25 Zila Parishad members, too, are from the Congress.

All seven MLAs —Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa, Fateh Jang Singh Bajwa, Aruna Chaudhary, Amit Vij, Barindermeet Singh Pahra and Joginder Pal—have showed absolutely no inclination or interest to be a part of a set up where a BJP MP will do all the talking.

“Disha’s very set up is politically incoherent and in its present form has been rendered redundant. Moreover, if the MP asks his representative Gurpreet Singh Palheri, a script writer, to chair, the proceedings will automatically be reduced to a mockery. The MP should understand that we are here not to write film dialogues. Monitoring the flow of funds is a serious business,” said Cabinet Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa.

The administration is now in the process of writing a letter to BJP MP Sunny Deol asking for his concurrence after which the dates will be finalised. A source confirmed that if Palheri is asked to preside, no officer will attend.

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