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Monday, June 10, 2019

Tapping tourism potential of heritage city

Tapping tourism potential of heritage city

Aman Sood

Tribune News Service

Patiala, June 9

The heritage city is all set to witness the revival of Rajindra and Sheesh Mahal lakes with water from Bhakhra Canal to feed the two lakes, which were considered the lifeline of Patiala’s underground water recharge during the royal era. The lakes, which will soon be filled with canal water, will also have aquatic wildlife that had vanished as they dried up over a period of time.

Considered to be the pet project of the Punjab

Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh ever since he became the CM, the lakes would be given an ancient and heritage look under Mission Tandrust Punjab. the lakes will also attract winged visitors and also be developed as a tourist destination.

Under this scheme, Project Hansli has been prepared with an expenditure of 40 lakhs and Hansli which is feeding the sarovars (water bodies) of Gurudwara Shree Dukhniwaran Sahib and Gurudwara Shree Moti

Bagh Sahib from Bhakhra main line, will now be extended to the gardens and lakes of Patiala.

Elaborating further about this Beautification project for Patiala, Patiala DC Kumar Amit said ba separate regulatory gate has been installed at the Rajbaha (canal gateway) on Nabha Road, which extends from the Bhakhra main line. “Following this gate, the capacity of water going to Hansli has been increased 2.5 Cusec. Water has reached Rajindra Lake through a regulatory gate installed on Hansli near the Railway Crossing no. 21, on renovating the already present pipeline, which receives the left over water after feeding the sarovars of Gurudwaras Shree Dukhniwaran Sahib and Shree Moti Bagh sahib,” said Amit.

A separate pipeline will be added to the Hansali feeding the sarovar of Shree Moti Bagh Sahib near the Government Ayurvedic College, in order to divert water to the Sheesh Mahal Lake.

In 2014 wildlife experts from across the region were astonished when a giant turtle was rescued from Rajindra Lake, one of the oldest lakes in Patiala. The 72-kg turtle was shifted to the Chattbir zoo near Banur. Experts said that the turtle was over 200 years old and that such such turtles were earlier found in the Indus valley. The soft-shelled fresh water turtle is declared vulnerable under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act.

“The lakes would not only promote beautification of the city but will also attract tourism at the two places. Further it will help to recharge the underground water table,” said the DC. 

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